Rule regally in Suzerain’s Kingdom of Rizia DLC, available now!

Suzerain is a hidden gem for anyone who loves a narrative text adventure (I thought so in our review). Ruling your country is a good time and there are plenty of ways to play, and Torpor Games has added even more with a new release. The Kingdom of Rizia is a standalone chapter in Suzerain (as in, you can start it immediately), and it’s available now! Check out the launch trailer above, and make sure to take advantage of the special pricing during this release period.

Berlin, March 25th – Developer Torpor Games and indie label Fellow Traveller proudly declare the eagerly awaited premium DLC launch for the widely celebrated political RPG, Suzerain. The Kingdom of Rizia DLC is now available This DLC marks the beginning of an ambitious expansion plan for the Suzerain universe, already embraced by an impressive global community of 700,000 players.

As of today, the Kingdom of Rizia DLC can be purchased directly on Steam and other platforms. Priced at $9.99, the DLC is available for purchase with a 10 percent launch discount until the 1st of April. Moreover, we are introducing two new bundles for a deeper experience:

  • Supporter Edition: A package featuring the original Suzerain game and The Kingdom of Rizia including the soundtracks of Suzerain and Kingdom of Rizia and the Vulpitzer.
  • Expanded Edition: A focused offering that pairs the core Suzerain game with The Kingdom of Rizia DLC, providing a seamless entry into the expanded universe.
Launched in 2020 for PC, and later for Nintendo Switch in 2021, and mobile platforms in 2022, Suzerain allows players to navigate the complex political landscape of Sordland in the 1950s as its President, Anton Rayne. The game is celebrated for its deep and thoughtful exploration of power and governance, focusing on the personal stories behind political decisions.

The Kingdom of Rizia expansion provides a glimpse into the events leading up to the main game, centering on King Romus Toras of Rizia as he deals with political, diplomatic, and personal dilemmas. Set four years before the events of Suzerain, this DLC enriches the game’s world and offers an in-depth look at the challenges of monarchy, adding new layers to the narrative and setting.

Now available on Steam, Humble,, and the Epic Games Store for $9.99, the Suzerain Rizia DLC expands the Suzerain narrative. Plans are underway to bring it to Switch and mobile platforms. A special bundle, including the DLC and original soundtrack, is also available. For newcomers, the base game is discounted by 75%, making it an ideal time to join. Bundles offer further discounts on the game and DLC.

Read below for more details on what to expect.

Assume the role of King Romus, the newly crowned leader of the Kingdom of Rizia. Explore South Merkopa, an expansion of the Suzerain Universe. How will you reign?

  • Geopolitical Challenges & New Resources:
    Start dialogues with new national leaders. Will you forge new alliances or make new enemies? Oversee the management of new invaluable resources such as energy and authority.
  • A Game of Houses:
    Engage in discussions on religion, family, and romance. Dive into the intricate dynamics of a royal family and houses where relationships intertwine, merging the realms of love, duty, and politics.
  • Build Your Nation:
    Sign dozens of Royal Decrees on topics such as order, economy, and welfare to develop and improve Rizia. Will you be the guardian of peace or the catalyst for conflict?
  • Engaging Storyline:
    Explore a fresh narrative across approximately 400k words, five endings, and more than 10 sub-ending variations. Follow a nation’s quest to reclaim lost territories while countering rival superpowers in an epic struggle for hegemony.
  • War Mechanic & Military Build-up:
    Experience the strategic and tactical military challenges in a turn-based experience. Build up the Rizian Armed Forces and train units to intimidate neighbors.
  • Rich Character Interactions: 
    Encounter a diverse cast of 20 characters each with unique backgrounds and motivations.

About Suzerain

Assume the role of President Anton Rayne and guide the nation of Sordland. Amidst brewing international conflicts, the need for reform, deep-seated corruption, and economic recession, you must make the decisions in this political drama. How will you lead?

Suzerain has close to 5.5k reviews on Steam, 93% of which are positive, and has received critical acclaim from publications such as Der SpiegelVICERock Paper ShotgunPC Gamer, and CNN Brazil, as well as winning several awards including the Best Expert Game at the German Game Awards 2021, and the People’s Choice Award at the 2021 Games For Change Awards.

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