Roze 3.0 — Black Noir is now in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II & Warzone

Some may be happy, some may be mad, but in any case we’re all about to own another Call of Duty bundle. Black Noir is the final bundle available in The Boys collaboration, and let’s just say it’s a bit… dark. Not just the character, but the skin itself, which seems similar to the issues we saw with the Roze skin and this years LA Thieves skin. Whether or not the competitive advantage is appreciated by all is to naught, because we all are grabbing it. It’s available now, check out the details below.

COD x The Boys [NSFW Trailer] | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II & Warzone

Black Noir, the final The Boys Operator, is now available for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone as part of the Black Noir: Operator Bundle in Season 04 Reloaded.

The Boys: Black Noir Bundle includes:

  • The Operator that was once Homelander’s best friend, now Black Noir is ready to silence anyone standing in his path to victory
  • Two Tracer Weapon Blueprints with Dismemberment, the “Unspoken Word” Sniper Rifle Blueprint and the “Quiet Rage” Assault Rifle Blueprint
  • “Noir’s Blades,” a melee tool that completes a stealth loadout with either of those two Primary Weapons
  • The “Shhh” Finishing Move included in this Bundle, a devastating yet silent attack that puts Operators to sleep permanent rest
  • A Weapon Charm, Loading Screen, Weapon Sticker, and Emblem are also included in this Bundle

The Boys: Starlight and Homelander Bundles are also available now.

Check out Black Noir in action here:

Fans who want to fight like a superhero in Warzone before Season 4 Reloaded wraps up can grab the Temp V Field Upgrade, granting one of four random superpowers in players’ Field Upgrade slot.

For more information about Season 04 Reloaded offerings, head to:

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