Rollacrit just released their Spring collection at Gen Con, features shirts, backpacks, flags, and more

Rollacrit just released details regarding their Spring collection today at Gen Con. Backpacks, flags, flip flops, t-shirts, and more have just been released and are available for purchase on Rollacrit’s website. You can check out images and details below:

Botanical Meeple

10 years ago, one of our party wizards stumbled upon a rare “duplicate person,” spell. Naturally, we assumed it would give us a huge advantage in battle, so we cast it, not reading the fine print: The duplicates will be in the form of meeples and will grow in a lovely garden. Once this spell is cast, the meeple will grow in 5-10 years.

T-Shirt (S-5X) – $30

Femme Shirt (S-3X) – $35

Pillow – $35

Spiral notebook – $25


Gen Con Island Map

Your journey has brought you into the world of Gen Con. What will you do first? Do you explore the Tabletop Gaming Forest? Will you pick up some adventuring supplies at Merch Beach? How about you survey the entire island by visiting the Exhibit Plateau? Be warned, though, you may pass close to Genevieve’s Domain. Don’t worry, she’s a kind dragon… but we recommend bringing a gift or something just to be polite. Where will your adventures take you?

T-Shirt (S-3X) – $30

Femme Shirt (S-3X) – $35

Throw blanket 50”x60” – $45

Spiral notebook – $25


Dice Pattern

You need more dice in your life. Yes, physical dice too, but also dice prints. Until it’s accepted to accessorize with real dice, we’re going to continue painting everything we touch with dice prints. Maybe we’ll even turn it into a reality TV show… we’ll call it: Can You Dice It? (Spoiler alert: the answer will always be yes.)

Backpack (Orange/Teal, White/Green) – $60

Fanny Pack (S/M, M/L) – $45

Flag – $35

Flip Flops (S-L) – $30

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