Rogue Heist, a 6v6 crew-based free-to-play shooter, announced for a summer launch on Steam

Getting the crew together to pull off a big heist is difficult enough, but Rogue Heist aims to capitalize on the chaos by pitting two 6-player crews against each other in a competition to see who can grab the most packages. After each match, players will earn Heist Ratings and XP based on their performance.

While in the game, stealing is the main objective that everyone has to focus on but there are various other things which need to be taken care of while your team attempts to heist. The game is competitive as there’s another crew attempting to steal too; so, the focus isn’t just on the heist. As a player, you have to strategize with your team, figure out what you are best at, that can be attacking or defending, extracting packages from the convoy, securing them safely, dodging the opponent sniper targeting you and more. With so many things going on simultaneously, the each match is a different experience.

There are different crews to choose from and each crew has its own unique style and specific weapon. Players can also choose to be either a sniper or assault. The sniper has the ability to spot other snipers and tag them for the team to become aware of while the assault are placed in the middle of the action to ambush, attack, or steal.

Rogue Heist will be released on Steam this summer. For more information, visit the Steam page.

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