Rocky out with your Pocky out with a new Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition collaboration

It seems like everyone’s getting on the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition hype, as Ezaki Glico and Capcom have recently announced a new collaboration featuring the internationally-acclaimed snack Pocky and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. With a new event and a technique known as Pocky K.O., players will have the chance to impress judges as they make some killer combos in order to whittle their opponent’s health to a ratio that looks like a Pocky stick and then defeat them. In addition, limited edition Pocky packages will be released starting next year in stores and next month online.

World-renowned food company Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd, in partnership with acclaimed video game developer and publisher Capcom, has announced the Pocky K.O. challenge campaign for all gamers around the world. The following video for this campaign explains how a Pocky K.O. can be achieved – narrated by renowned Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition commentator, James Chen.

A Pocky K.O. is when a player wins a Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition match while the player has a health gauge similar to a Pocky stick. Players attain the chance of a Pocky K.O. (called Pocky Chance) when the ratio of the health bar-to-damage received is visually proportionate to the chocolate to stick ratio of a Pocky stick. The rules are simple, but super difficult. But that’s what makes it so rewarding to get that Pocky K.O.

To showcase their first global partnership, Pocky and Capcom have announced the limited release of Street Fighter V: Pocky EDITION, which will debut in a special exhibition match at CAPCOM CUP 2019 (December 13-15, 2019) in Los Angeles, California. This special exhibition match will be fought between globally ranked esports players, for a chance to win the Pocky K.O. Challenge. The new Pocky EDITION will feature a unique user interface exclusive to the campaign. Pocky will also be hosting a special arena open to the public for CAPCOM CUP 2019, where attendees can take on the Pocky K.O. Challenge for themselves! Audiences worldwide can watch their favorite Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition players go head to head in a Pocky K.O. special event on the official Capcom Twitch and YouTube channels.

With a shared desire to have fun and play, Ezaki Glico encourages gamers to upload their fighting game video captures on Twitter using the hashtag #PockyKO when they win a match by Pocky K.O. The video uploads will automatically be enrolled into a jury pool, where eleven will be selected to be featured on the big screen at CAPCOM CUP 2019.

To commemorate this fantastic collaboration, Ezaki Glico USA is releasing a limited-edition Street Fighter V Pocky Chocolate which will be available for purchase through select online store & retail stores.

The limited-edition packaging, which features classic Street Fighter characters Ryu and Chun-Li, is dedicated to fans around the world. Since Pocky can be shared by Street Fighter V players during matches, it’s the perfect snack for esports. Limited-edition Street Fighter V Pocky Chocolate is sold as part of a 10 pack mix box (3 each of Pocky Chocolate, Pocky Strawberry, Pocky Cookies & Cream and 1 limited-edition Street Fighter V Pocky.).

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