RiotPWR to offer Lightning to USB-C adapter upgrades for iOS

With Apple (finally) making the switch from Lightning ports to USB-C, they’ve also successfully orphaned devices that use that type of connection.  RiotPWR, the team behind the RiotPWR ESL Gaming Controller on the iOS platform, is looking to solve that problem.   Today, and for the next 24 hours with a steep discount, they are offering an adapter cable to seamlessly transition between them.  As an added bonus, it also provides pass-through charging as well as integral adjustable clamp to connect it to your phone or iPad.  If you snapped up a RiotPWR for your iOS mobile gaming, here’s  your solution to carry it forward.  If you’ve got an Xbox Edition or ESL Edition of their devices and want to future-proof the device, here’s your chance.

We’ll be taking a look at the RiotPWR Cloud Gaming Controller very shortly, but this is the only mobile gaming device we’ve seen that uses an full-sized console controller with an integrated holder and now a path to ensure that it’ll remain viable for any new phone you might pick up.

The RiotPWR USB-C cable upgrade is available for pre-order as of this morning, with a flash Black Friday pre-sale discount price of $9.99 for just 24 hours. For more information visit:

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