Returnal showcases gorgeous visuals and horror in this new launch trailer

Returnal is almost here, and boy oh boy does it looks gorgeous. Shooter? Roguelike? Horror? Platformer? This thing seems to have it all, and it’s all on display in this gorgeous 4K launch trailer above. Exclusive to the PlayStation 5, Housemarque’s upcoming title has a ton of potential. But don’t take my word for it — here’s an excerpt about just how phenomenal the DualSense implementation is from Lead Editor David Burdette’s preview:

Before the DualSense controller released it was nearly a meme status, everybody assumed the buzz words would be just that, buzz words. But once you get a hold of this controller, you quickly understand it does everything PlayStation said it would. Now, I can say the DualSense is like VR — you have to experience it to believe and fathom how next-gen it is, but believe me when I say it’s an incredible piece of technology. Some developers make better use of the technology than others, with games like AstroBot or Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War changing your perception of how a controller should function, while Outriders quite honestly acts like it doesn’t exist. But Returnal is a true next-gen showcase of how a game needs to be built using this device.

I spoke before of feeling every raindrop from the sky and how the 3D audio does a great job at accentuating that. The DualSense capabilities ratchet it up to eleven, with each drop giving the sensation that it’s hitting the controller. The haptics on this bad boy are no joke, and you’re as close to the rain as if it fell from a cloud above you. This continues in other instances, like the lightning I also spoke of feeling like it’s crackling across the controller, but this specific instance cements this controller as legendary, and this is one of the first PS5 exclusives to utilize it. Just so you properly understand this function, I’m dropping a tweet from Blessing from Kinda Funny Games below, as he did a great job capturing how real this feature is.

It’s sounding like this could be another killer title for Sony’s new platform.  Before we get into that, however, let’s get another peek at David’s Let’s Play preview:

Preview - Let's Play Returnal! - PS5 [Gaming Trend]

Returnal is headed to shelves and digital download on April 30th, 2021. Stay tuned for our full review!

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