Relic Hunter Legends introduces the “Crackshot Rebel” Jimmy

Meet Jimmy, one of the sharp shooting Rebels from Rogue Snail’s upcoming top-down shooter, Relic Hunter Legends. The team dropped fresh gameplay along with a blog detailing everything you need to know about the Relic Hunter. No release date is set, but those interested can Wishlist via the links below!

Relic Hunters Legend is an upcoming top-down looter-shooter featuring fast-paced gameplay, a variety of powerful gear and weapons with tons of customizable options, and a diverse cast of rowdy Rebels, each with their own abilities, playstyles, and personalities. Set in a vibrant, lore-rich world, players will explore a variety of highly re-playable singleplayer story and multiplayer missions as they comb their way through the universe, gathering powerful loot and facing off against intergalactic threats.

Jimmy is a tough son-of–a-gun with a lifelong vow to fight back against the evil empire led by the villainous Duke Ducan. With the other Relic Hunters at his side, Jimmy has become a formidable Hunter on the battlefield, wielding an arsenal of powerful abilities:

  • Mobility Skill: EVASIVE MANEUVER – Jimmy dashes a short distance, dodging all enemy attacks and ignoring gravity.

  • Melee Skill: TACTICAL KICK – Jimmy kicks a nearby enemy, dealing damage and pushing it away.

  • Utility Skill: PERFECT ANGLE – Jimmy’s next 5 shots ricochet between enemies. Can only be used with bullet or projectile weapons.

  • Charge Skill: MULTI-GRENADE – Jimmy prepares and throws a grenade. This skill can be charged and has different grenade types for each charge level.

  • Passive Skill: BULLSEYE – As Jimmy hits enemies with precision hits and his own precision damage is increased for a while.

  • Ultimate Skill: GUN TRANCE – A straight-line blast that deals massive damage and stuns enemies, the Gun Trace is a serious force of nature that will leave the Ducans scared featherless.

For more information, and to stay up to date on Relic Hunters Legend,, or visit the official Steam page, Twitter, and TikTok channels. Relic Hunters Legend can be added to wishlists now!

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