Release date and new details revealed in a new trailer for Sonic Mania Plus

Today, Sega released a new trailer and finally gave us a release date of the physical version of Sonic Mania with plenty of goodies, Sonic Mania Plus.

As mentioned before, the physical version of Sonic Mania Plus will be $29.99 ($10 more than Sonic Mania normally digitally) and will contain a reversible cover and an artbook. In addition, Sonic Mania Plus will include new additions to gameplay such as long-forgotten characters, Mighty and Ray.

In the new trailer, they revealed more game play for the new modes including the four player race. There are Mighty appears to have a move similar to the water powerup from the main game called the “hammer drop” while Ray has the ability to climb and glide. The “encore mode” is still a mystery, as the only details we’ve seen is that they appear to be during a different time of day. Sonic Mania Plus will also include an update that changed the game drastically, such as changing a certain annoying boss.

Sonic Mania Plus will be released on July 17th, 2018. The additions in Plus will be available as DLC for anyone that purchased Sonic Mania last year. Curious to see our thoughts on the game? Check out editors Kyle, Joe, and Elisha’s collaborative review here.

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