Ranked Play arrives in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Season 2

The new season of Call of Duty is almost here. Perhaps the biggest addition coming to Season 2 is Ranked Play. The arena for players to prove themselves amongst the community is arriving with a new blog post detailing the mode. You can read the full blog here, as well as check out the new launch trailer below:

Season 02 Launch Trailer | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II & Warzone 2.0

Ranked Play is the official competitive 4v4 Multiplayer experience for Modern Warfare® II, using the official rules, restrictions, maps, and modes from the Call of Duty Leaguewhich can be read here. Whenever the Call of Duty League rules are updated, expect changes to the Ranked Play rules to follow suit.

Players must be at least Level 16 to access Ranked Play but will have all unrestricted items – including weapons and attachments – automatically unlocked within this mode to ensure that all players are on the same competitive footing.

Your Skill Rating is based mainly on the result of every match you play – simply put, win the match to gain SR, lose the match and lose SR. Individual performance and your team’s overall performance will impact the amount of SR you gain or lose each match. In higher Skill Divisions, more emphasis will be put on team performance to ensure all winning playstyles are appropriately rewarded.

Every Skill Division below Iridescent has three Tiers to progress through. These Tiers provide additional granularity to each Division and help players feel a sense of progression as they climb. Think of these as additional SR subcategories within each Skill Division, separating the range of SR in each Division into thirds.

Returning from the Vanguard Ranked Play system is the Top 250 Skill Division, which is above Iridescent. The 250 best players with the highest SR above 10,000 will be put on the Top 250 Leaderboards for all to see.

This year, the Top 250 will be active at the beginning of each Season and start to fill as the best players climb above 10,000 SR and qualify. The race to Top 250 is on – who will be the first player to qualify in Season 02?

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