Rage 2 gameplay trailer shows off combat, hints of story, and tons of explosions

Bethesda opened its E3 conference with a bang, with… a performance by Andrew W.K., followed quickly by a new Rage 2 gameplay trailer. It gave us a closer look at the game’s wild gunfights and a hint of what to expect from its campaign, complete with jarring tonal shifts from bleak narration to schlocky combat.

The gunplay looks hectic and varied, with inventive weapons and a handful of presumably technologically imbued superpowers. On the story side, it seems like Rage 2 will build on the barebones framework of fighting against the totalitarian Authority and roving street gangs laid out by its predecessor. We’ll see whether the game leans more into the fun, colorful combat or the drab grimbro personality of its main character when it launches in Spring 2019.

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