Quoridor meets PAC-MAN in this tabletop mashup launching in May at the UK Games Expo

Hachette Boardgames UK has announced a PAC-MAN version of the extremely popular abstract classic Quoridor. I enjoy Quoridor and this mashup feels like a no brainer. We got to see a sneak preview of the game at GAMA Expo 2024 and the whole team was clambering to check it out more. Alas we didn’t get the chance to actually play it. We won’t have to wait much longer though as it is officially launching in May of this year. See the press release from Hachette below to learn more.


Quoridor PAC-MAN launches in May at the UK Games Expo

Quoridor has received over 1 billion views on TikTok, making it a viral sensation – it’s about to get a PAC-MAN makeover

Two gaming classics join forces in Quoridor PAC-MAN, coming to the UK in June 2024. This brings the legendary arcade game to tabletop form.

Quoridor is an abstract strategy game, first launched in 1997 and designed by Mirko Marchesi. It has seen a recent UK re-release under Hachette Boardgames UK. In that time, it has become a viral hit on TikTok, achieving a total of over 1 billion views across the platform.

The PAC-MAC edition gives the game a retro video game makeover, replacing the traditional pieces with distinctive and instantly recognisable figures from Bandai Namco’s arcade classic. PAC-MAN is the highest grossing arcade game of all time.

The Quoridor edition allows players to play traditional Quoridor using PAC-MAN pieces, but also includes an exclusive PAC-MAN mode which sees one player controlling PAC-MAN, whilst up to 4 other players control the ghosts. The PAC-MAN player must consume the power pellets on the board, whilst the ghosts must capture PAC-MAN several times.

Rob Trounce, marketing manager at Hachette Boardgames UK who will be distributing the game in the UK and Ireland, has said: “Quoridor is one of the greatest abstract strategy games ever made, with legions of fans across the world. With the PAC-MAN edition, we see this strategy classic realised in a new way with the greatest arcade sensation the world has ever known. We look forward to welcoming new players from the video gaming community to experience Quoridor, whilst giving Quoridor players an exciting new way to play the game.”

Much like previous titles in the range, there will be an XL edition of the game available too.

Quoridor PAC-MAN launches in May 2024, with its official launch taking place at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham on Friday 31st May. RRP is £36.


About Hachette Boardgames UK

Hachette Boardgames UK is a subsidiary of Hachette, part of the Lagardère Group. HBGUK launched in 2021, and distributes over 100 games in the UK, produced by over 20 different publishers based out of France and Japan. HBGUK handles some of the most popular gaming titles in the world, including the Gigamic abstract strategy line (with titles such as Quoridor, Quarto and Pylos) and the Katamino logic puzzle range.

About Quoridor PAC-MAN

Based on 1997’s abstract strategy hit, Quoridor, the PAC-MAN edition can be played 2 players with classic Quoridor mode.

It also has a unique 1 vs 4 player PAC-MAN mode where multiple players control ghosts who must track PAC-MAN down, whilst PAC-MAN must consume the pellets spread across the board.


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