Quest crowdfunding campaign hopes to give everyone a seat at the gaming table

The recent explosion in the popularity of pen-and-paper RPGs has brought plenty of new players to the table. While many players new and old alike are happy with tabletop stalwarts like Dungeons and Dragons, others are still looking for an experience that’s lighter on number crunching and heavier on storytelling. Quest, a new RPG currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, is trying a build an RPG for those people. Or as its designers put it, Quest wants to be “the roleplaying game for everyone.”

Quest is a way to tell an exciting story with your friends. You don’t have to be an improv actor or a mathematician to be good at it – you just need to open your mind and use a little imagination. The rules of the game are intuitive and help you imagine where the story might go.

Quest features pared down mechanics that favor narrative over stats and player cooperation over power gaming. The Kickstarter page emphasizes that the game is “fast, fun, and easy to learn.” While details are still scarce, the game’s Kickstarter page and Twitter feed are slowly doling out more information. So far they’ve shown off snippets of the rulebook that explicitly spell out good social behavior and examples of some of the game’s imaginative spells.

“Communicate” spell card

The Kickstarter campaign needs to raise $65,000 to be successful (it raised nearly $60,000 on the first day), and runs until June 30. A $20 pledge will get you a PDF of the rulebook and a printable set of skill cards, and a $40 pledge will also net you a printed copy of the book with illustrations by Celia Lowenthal. Every backer will also receive a PDF of the game’s first official adventure, The Reach. Backers can expect their game books to arrive in August of 2019, with digital materials available a few months earlier, in April.

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