Put on your (PSVR2) helmet and gear up, Firewall Ultra releases in August

You know here at Gaming Trend we’re always down for some fun co-op in VR (as evidenced by some insane Pavlov gameplay videos). Now, it’s time to don the PSVR2 headset again, with Firewall Ultra finally receiving a release date. It’s coming in just over a month, August 24th, and pre-orders are now live. Check out the news straight from PlayStation Blog below!

First Contact Entertainment | Westlake Village, CA, July 19th, 2023: Greetings, future Contractor! It’s been a while since I’ve been in touch with you, but I’m pleased to say that the news was worth the wait. I can finally tell you that Firewall Ultra is launching exclusively on PS VR2 this August 24 and pre-orders are now live across regions!

Additionally, you can feast your eyes on the gameplay pre-order trailer which features all-new never-before-seen footage captured directly from PS VR2 headsets. The trailer will take you through key action points and locations of our Oil Rig map in a tense 4v4 PvP match—the stressful moments and methodical pacing that make Firewall feel so immersive are on full display.

Nothing compares to the palpable tension of seeing it all in the headset for yourself, though, and luckily the wait is almost over!

“Firewall Ultra feels like a true next-generation VR game, with mechanics and systems that weren’t possible just a few years ago,” writes Echo Apsey of The Loadout, from their hands-on impression in April. “Not only does it do something great in the VR space, it also sets a new standard for unique, first-person shooter experiences.”

For more details on Firewall Ultra, please visit the PlayStation Blog for a fresh breakdown on the game from us directly at First Contact, including how it leverages the PS VR2 hardware and what our core PvP mode—Contracts—is all about.

And in case you missed it from the previous hands-on reports, here’s a recap of some of the ways Firewall Ultra sets itself apart as a marquee first-person shooter on PS VR2:

  • You can blind people momentarily using flashlights.

  • You can close your eyes to avoid the effects of a flashbang or flashlight.

  • Once you go down, you can now crawl around to find cover.

  • When you’re using the camera feed, enemies that you look at with your eyes will have red outlines for your teammates to see.

  • There will be pre-made and custom loadouts with two guns and two gadgets each.

  • You can assign an “attacking” and a “defending” loadout to auto-swap mid-match as you change sides.

  • Dedicated servers, fast load times, and a best-of-three setup overhauls the game experience.

  • Unreal Engine 5-powered dynamic lighting changes the feel and intensity of firefights.

  • There will be scoped sniper rifles.

  • The safehouse social lobby is fully interactive and includes a shooting range.

Hopefully you feel this news was worth the wait—I know I’m beyond excited to finally be able to share the release date, show off gameplay footage, and welcome the community’s hype as the final countdown begins.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more Firewall Ultra news and info!

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