Protect your bae at all costs with Peanut on Steam next week

Today, Team Spikkeee announced that it will release its 2D platformer Peanut for PC via Steam on May 14. The game allows players to control a small adorable Corgi in order to save the bae… er, day.

Peanut is a small cute corgi with an adventurous attitude. A classically styled 2D platform adventure game with an indie zest with an intriguing storyline.

Peanut comes home to find BAE is gone and a ransom note from the evil Veronica Vet. To thwart his archenemy, he must travel the world and undo what the Vet has done and gain back the love of his life! Along the way he questions the places and characters that he encounters and why BAE was taken from him in the first place.

If you love classic platformers than this should be ideal for a nostalgic thrill spliced with aesthetic levels combined with an intriguing story, some of which requires your interpretation.

45 Levels of game play, with level completion must be carried out before the time limit.

Not a puzzle platformer, more a puzzling story platformer or corginoir (but cheerier!).

Level by level you get closer to BAE and closer to the truth.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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