Project MBR announced, a new MP mech combat game from Grandia series producer

Yoichi Miyaji, series producer on Lunar, Gungriffon, and Grandia, has announced a new MP mech combat game currently titled Project MBR. Project MBR promises to be a mulitplayer robot action shooting game in which players can customize their robots. Team up with up to five other players in a balanced game with no F2P model or loot boxes. A crowdfunding campaign will launch on March 7th, 2023. You can check out a gameplay trailer above and find an interview with Miyaji and more info below:

Legendary creator Yoichi Miyaji, known for his work on LUNAR, GUNGRIFFON and GRANDIA, has  announced Project MBR.

Project MBR (codename), a multiplayer robot action shooting game. Players can customize their  own robots and enjoy their own stories while battling with other players. Furthermore, with the  involvement of Japan’s top game designers, the game is expected to be a hit.

Project MBR Production staff interview

The Kickstarter starts on March 7th! Let’s support it! 

This project will start on March 7th, 2023 and will be established with the support of everyone.  We will not be doing business, but rather, as a new challenge, we will create an amazing game  together with the fans in a co-creation with the fan community.

A brand new multiplayer robot action shooting game is here! 

Take control of your robot from the cockpit view and team up with 5 other players to win! With a  balanced game and no F2P model or loot boxes, you can enjoy the game with peace of mind. Downloads and updates keep the game evolving!

Experience an exciting game experience where you can experience a realistic world envisioned for  the future through robot transformation.

Each transformation form, such as the tank form, flight form, and turret form, has its own  characteristics, and the operation of each is an important factor in the game. Enjoy an exciting game.

Achieve a tactical combat system 

A game system that requires team tactics rather than just a shootout. On the battlefield, there are  bases such as radar facilities and fixed artillery, and the defense and destruction of them are the key  to victory. In addition, each robot is accompanied by a drone that gives instructions according to the  situation, providing a shortcut to victory. Furthermore, customization of each robot is also possible,  allowing for increased strategy.

We are planning to hire Mr. Noriyuki Iwadare, the foremost figure in game music, for the music of  this project.

He is known for his work on games such as “Super Smash Bros. X” and “GRANDIA”. We will continue to deliver long-term enjoyment by updating the game with new battlefields and  mechs. Enjoy even more exciting battles with us! With your support, this game will keep evolving. We are committed to delivering the best experience by making significant improvements to the graphics from UE4 to UE5, with the support of our users.

Our community

This game is themed around creating and evolving together with the fans.  Through Discord, we will deepen our communication with more fans and make the game even  richer.  To deliver the latest information, we will be sending out information through teaser sites and  Twitter. Let’s make the game even better with the power of the fans!

■ The trailer site

■ Twitter

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