Previously scheduled “Day 1” patch for PSVR 2’s RUNNER now live

We got some great info regarding the patch that was supposed to release on Day 1 for RUNNER. The developers talked about how some last-minute bugs took priority over much of the patch as they ended up delaying the patch slightly. The updates look great; the new feature involving the DualSense controller looks insanely fun. You can read more about the patch and check out gameplay from the launch trailer below:

Runner - Launch Trailer | PS VR2 Games

The update includes the social screen / spectator camera, which allows players not only to see the game from a different perspective, it ALSO allows spectators to grab a DualSense controller and steer the bike, creating an asymmetric co-op style arcade experience, what we believe to be the first and currently only of its kind for PSVR2.

This patch also includes important difficulty improvements (things like faster weapon reload times, tweaked enemy difficulty, control diagrams, additional hints for enemy types and clues for finding secret content) that we incorporated from feedback of the Quest version of the game in October – November of last year, but again weren’t quite ready for the FQA pass of the game prior to launch.

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