Prepare to get dunked on with a spoiler-free trailer for DELTARUNE’s Switch release

Yesterday during a Nintendo Direct, Toby Fox and 8-4 announced that the legendary not-sequel DELTARUNE will be available on Nintendo Switch, starting with a free download of Chapter 1 on February 28. While the rest of the game will cost an undetermined amount, players can now experience this game, which holds a similar aesthetic to Fox’s previous RPG Undertale.

DELTARUNE: Chapter 1! Create your own avatar, meet strange friends, and jump into the darkness. By the way, this first chapter is FREE, so please feel free to check it out. Like, you don’t really need to read this or anything… You can just try it…

If you didn’t really get the gist of the game from the paragraph above, don’t worry, there’s a spoiler-free trailer featuring a bunch of dogs above. While the game is best experienced without knowing any prior information, completing Undertale is recommended. Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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