Postal 4: No Ragerts’ “Thursday Update” out now

Postal 4: No Ragerts got a surprise update on June 19. This “Thursday Update” adds a new district in the center of town, lots of quality of life changes, more missions, crazy new weapons and more. For a look at the fun to be had, check out the trailer below:

POSTAL 4: No Regerts - Thursday Update Trailer

POSTAL 4: No Regerts®, the over-the-top comedic first-person shooter and next entry in Running With Scissors’ classic franchise enjoyed by millions, thrusts toward week’s end with today’s meaty “Thursday Update” on Steam Early Access for PC. With a new in-game Day comes more crazy missions, festive locations, ridiculous weapons, and a load of quality-of-life updates.
Thursday’s affairs begin in the Lynchian “Dark Lodge,” where iconic anti-hero The Postal Dude awakens to find his canine companion Champ and all his possessions MIA. Unarmed and unfriended, the Dude must fend off wacked out hillbillies, rescue Champ, grab his pilfered junk, and escape the backwoods of Edensin. Hell of a way to kick off Thursday!
The raw deal continues in Edensin proper, where the Dude is forced to do the dirty work of the notorious Vince Desi, a domineering crime boss. The Big V.D. fills the Dude’s itinerary with underhanded enterprises. Stroll to the polls and gently encourage Edensin’s public to vote for Vince’s favorite candidate. Become a beta tester for the latest Virtual/Augmented Gaming title from local dev team Koblomi Studios. Rig a high-speed mobility scooter race, play pit boss at the Pair-A-Dice Casino, and thwart a heist in the making.
The open world sandbox of POSTAL 4 grows larger and more voluminous than ever. Enter the Zag, a “Z”-shaped district in the center of Edensin with casino attractions galore. Return to Edensin’s other districts for new random encounters and revisit Kunny Island for amusement park rides. Snipe varmints and humans with the new Hunting Rifle and play your way with the Rattler, a chained whip with a scythe head. Don’t worry—the other end is a mere blunt weight, great for a non-lethal playthrough.
Because the riveting odyssey of the Dude is a story for all, the quality-of-life updates keep coming. Flip on English subtitles, with more languages on the way. Sharpen your aim with a new aim-down-sights option. Use the new waypoint system to better navigate Edensin’s massive land area. Deep into Early Access with 1.0 on the horizon, it’s never been a better time to visit.
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