POGs are slamming into a phone near you, crowdfunding campaign announced

If you grew up in the 90’s you probably remember the huge toy craze that was POGs. The cardboard slamming game that was pretty much gambling, caused friction between friends, sparked collectors, and became banned in schools across the US. Well, Compton Technology is breathing new life into the circular cardboard slamming, betting, and trading game with an augmented reality twist in “POGs AR.”

Scheduled for release in September for iOS and Android devices, the free to play POGs AR is the first officially licensed mobile game from the World of POG Federation.

Key features for POGs include:

•Intense player vs player matches where they try to slam their opponents into submission and capture their collection.

•Augmented reality mode allows players to scan real-world items to complete POG sets and unlock new content.

•Compete to earn real-world prizes and rare POGs from some of your favorite companies.

•Collect and trade POGs with other players around the world.

•Win matches and compete in regular tournaments to earn slammer upgrades, unlock new content and more!

•Where’s POGMAN? The hilarious (and hairy!) mascot is hiding throughout the game in various outfits and disguises. Can you find him?

•Slammers come equipped with different abilities and upgrades.

•Multiple throwing techniques to try – – see what works best for you!

•New POGs tubes unlocked every day, so log-in and compete to expand your collection.

“POGs blend two things people love to do – compete and collect. But in POGs you play for keeps and must risk losing some of your collection to expand it, so the excitement and intensity increases as you play,” said Sam Park, Director of Compton Technology. “By going digital and applying modern technology like AR to the original concept, we’re creating a game community and collectible ecosystem that I believe can be even bigger than the original.”

An Indiegogo campaign launches today, and the fans who support the campaign will receive a slew of great backer perks including a limited-edition physical slammer which can be scanned in to the game using augmented reality, elite in-game content; a custom designed in-game POG character; a horde of in-game currency; pre-release beta access and more!

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