Pocketpair shares lengthy roadmap for the future of Palworld

If you didn’t know about Palworld before it’s launch, chances are you do now. Palworld has EXPLODED, with over 7 million copies sold in only five days and breaking 2 million concurrent players on Steam. It’s a force, and a complete surprise at the start of 2024. Pocketpair has shared a roadmap, which is encouraging for the future of a game that almost everyone is playing right now. At less than $30, available on Steam and Xbox (also on Game Pass), you should probably see what the hubbub is about as you prep for the upcoming features.

Palworld | Early Access Launch Trailer | Pocketpair

We would like to share with you our roadmap for Palworld. Sales have far exceeded the development team’s expectations, and we are currently experiencing many problems due to excessive access congestion, among other challenges. We will prioritize improving this issue first, and then move on to implementing new in-game features. Thank you for your understanding.

[Early Access Roadmap]
・Addressing Critical Issues
・Currently, numerous bugs have been identified, and we are prioritizing fixing those.
・Sometimes, the world date may experience rollbacks.
・The loading screen may persist when trying to load into worlds.
…and so on.

・Improvements to Implement ASAP
・Key configuration improvements.
・Improvements to base Pal AI and pathing.

・Planned Future Updates
・Raid Bosses (End-Game Content)
・Pal Arena (PvP for Pals)
・Steam-Xbox Crossplay
・Various Xbox Feature Improvements
・Server Transfers and Migrations
・Improvements to the Building System
・New islands, Pals, Bosses, and Technologies.

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