Planet Coaster’s upcoming Magnificent Rides Collection to feature nine new rides, first three revealed

Today, Frontier Developments announced the Planet Coaster Magnificent Rides Collection, a pack of nine rides for players to add to their amusement parks in Planet Coaster. The first three of these rides have been revealed, with information on the other six to be released later as we approach the collection’s December 18th launch date.

The first three rides in this collection are the Mind Melt, the Grand Carasousel, and the Tracker.

  • Mind Melt – An inverted coaster full of unforgiving twists and turns as it tests guest’s endurance and ability to contain their nausea.
  • Grand Carousel – One of the more beautiful and elegant fairground rides brought to life thanks to the high-demand from the community.
  • Tracker – Dark ride experience with a 3D mover that spins, pitches, and banks along with the story in the ride. An evolution in the dark ride experience.

New rides will be revealed each day on the official Planet Coaster Twitter account. The Magnificent Rides Collection will be released on December 18th, 2018.

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