Pig Eat Ball, a delirious 2D puzzle-maze game, coming to consoles later this year

Independent studio Mommy’s Best Games today announced the release window for their top-dozen puzzle-maze game full of getting fat and barfing, Pig Eat Ball on consoles. It was released on PC back in September and has been met with a positive reception on Steam.

Pig Eat Ball is a delirious pixel-art 2D arcade puzzle-maze game in which you have to eat and barf to get through the end of each level. The game contains 214 handmade levels, 10+ humongous bosses, 20+ interconnected worlds, and 38 power-ups.

“We had already announced Pig Eat Ball on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a while ago but it’s the first time we present the game on Nintendo Switch”, says Nathan Fouts, CEO at Mommy’s Best Games and creator of hits such as Shoot 1UP and Serious Sam Double D XXL for Steam.

Pig Eat Ball will feature gameplay focusing on getting bigger by eating or barfing to squeeze through narrow passageways, different worlds, non-procedural levels, bosses, dozens of powerups, a local multiplayer mode, online leaderboards, online level sharing, and a 8-12 hour long main story.

Pig Eat Ball will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in Q3 2019 for $14.99. For more information. For more information, visit the official website.


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