Phoenix Point: Year One Edition comes to Steam on December 3rd

After a year of Epic Store exclusivity, the team at Snapshot Games is finally bringing Phoenix Point to Steam.  Not content with just dropping the same game onto a new storefront, the team has been working hard over the last year (which by my count has been about 7420 days) and doing a lot of listening to fan feedback.  As such, Phoenix Point: Year One Edition brings with it all of the previously released DLC (Blood & Titanium DLC, Legacy of the Ancients DLC, and the Living Weapons Pack), as well as their newest content update codenamed POLARIS.  Polaris will provide a fresh tutorial to introduce new characters and mechanics, brand new cinematics and maps, all new equipment, stronger character development, and much more.  Here’s a nibble with a look at the Riot Shield and how it’s used in the field.

Combat Shield from Phoenix Point: Year One Edition

If you slept on Phoenix Point the last time around, you’ll want to snap it up — it’s available for Wishlisting on Steam right now.   Look for our full hands-on review coming soon!

Phoenix Point: Year One Edition is coming to Steam on December 3rd.

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