Patch 5 heading to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor today, details released

A new batch of patches is heading to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor today for PC, with a console update to follow sometime after. Patches include performance and stability updates, multiple bug fixes, some graphical related tweaks, and more. You can check out the full list of patches coming in this update below:

*(PC only) Improved content caching to reduce hitching.
*(PC only) Improved thread handling when raytracing is turned off.
*(PC only) Fix for an issue where lowering the PC visual settings would incorrectly lower your resolution scale if FSR is disabled.
*Note: if you previously disabled FSR and are playing on a lower visual quality, you may want to readjust your quality settings.
*(PC only) Fix for a reset button not responding on PC when using both controller and keyboard.
*Various performance fixes.
*Stability improvements.
*More robust detection of pre-order and deluxe content in-game, preventing players from only randomly having access to the content.
*Various collision and navigation improvements to prevent issues where characters get stuck out of bounds.
*Fixed an issue where Drya Thornne would become invincible.
*Music-related fixes
*Fixed an issue where Bode wouldn’t grab the senator during some New Game+ playthroughs.
*Fix for a bug where the Skriton wouldn’t appear correctly.
*Fix for Dagan not appearing correctly in a cinematic.
*Fixed some rare instances of players being unable to progress further in the game even after reloading.
*Fix for a bug where the Gorocco would disappear mid-combat.
*Fix for an issue where Cal would get stuck in a specific Blaster state if dying while in it.
*Fix for a bug where BD-1 wouldn’t be able to open a door.
*Fix for void tear interactions not working correctly.
*Fix for trying to load corrupt save games sometimes leaving you in the main menu. It will now correctly attempt to load your backup save.
*Improved UX for Koboh matter turrets that players were previously unable to exit out of.
*Fix for the Rancor and the Wampa not correctly leaving Cal’s XP behind when he respawns.
*Fix for a bug where the Skills menu wouldn’t correctly close.
*Improved sync for sound during one of the cinematics.
*Fix for the environment not loading correctly on Koboh after Cal respawns.

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