Pandasaurus Games announces The Wolves, a new pack-building strategy game set to release in October

Pandasaurus Games has announced The Wolves, a new pack-building strategy game for 2-5 players set to release in October. The Wolves sees players competing to create the largest pack by claiming territory, hunting prey, and recruiting wolves. You can learn more about The Wolves below:

We are super excited to announce our newest strategy game set to release in October – The Wolves! Preorders will open August 22nd and include a free promo. If you’re going to Essen we’re planning to have early copies to sell (barring any shipping crises).

Game info:

2-5 players
Ages 14+
75 min
MSRP $49.95 USD
Designers: Ashwin Kamath & Clarence Simpson
Artist: Pauliina Linjama
Mechanics: Area control, unique action selection, modular board
Release date: October 26, 2022

The Lure of the Pack

The Wolves is a pack-building strategy game for 2-5 players. It’s survival of the fittest as you compete to build the largest, most dominant pack by claiming territory, recruiting lone wolves, and hunting prey. But be careful not to expand too recklessly into terrain where your rivals thrive – they may lure members of your pack away!


A clever action-selection mechanism drives your choices. Each action requires you to flip terrain tiles matching the terrain where you wish to take your action. These double-sided tiles mean the actions you take this round will set up which terrain types you can act on in the next round. As you take actions to expand your pack’s control of each region, you will also upgrade your pack’s attributes, allowing you to take more aggressive actions as the game goes on

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