Pandasaurus announces new roll & write – Splitter

From the creators of Sobek, Dinosaur Island, and That Time You Killed Me,  designer Stefan Nikolic and artist Oliver Freudenreich expand Pandasaurus’ line of tabletop games with a new, dice based numbers game. For people 8 and older, with 1-12 players, this 15 minute pattern building game would be a hit at parties with large groups, or for someone looking to go solo. Pandasaurus has stated Splitter will be released November 21, 2022 in the United States, for $14.95. For more info please see below:

“Splitter promises a whole new challenge with simple rules and a dash of symmetry. In each round, 2 dice are rolled. Then everyone has to write the results on their page trying their best to group the same numbers together.”

“The twist? The numbers must be entered symmetrically to the center axis! After 22 dice rolls everyone’s pattern will be filled. Watch how different everyone’s pages will look even though they were all working with the same roll results.”

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