Overwatch League details format changes for upcoming season

The Overwatch League has some big changes planned for its sixth season. There are even rebranded teams making their debuts alongside Contender teams getting the opportunity to compete against OWL teams. You can read the full post here, and check out the highlights below:

New Season, New Format?! 👀 | 2023 Community Update #1



–The season will be split into Spring and Summer Stages, anchored by two global LAN events: the Midseason Madness Global Tournament and Grand Finals

–Teams will remain divided into West and East regions, with the East featuring a more open ecosystem that offers Contenders teams the opportunity to compete for a chance to participate in official Overwatch League competition

–Competitive play returns on March 23 with a 3-week Pro-Am tournament in the West with both OWL and Contenders teams

–OWL circuit play in both regions is scheduled to officially begin on April 27.

–The Seoul Infernal (formerly Philadelphia Fusion) and Vegas Eternal (formerly Paris Eternal) have completed organizational rebrands

–After a tremendous inaugural campaign, we will have more to share around Calling All Heroes at a later date

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