Overthrow an evil corporation and save your farm alongside a talking chicken in Breathedge: Cosmic Cluck

HypeTrain Digital just released their Breathedge spin-off, Breathedge: Cosmic Cluck, on the Oculus Quest 2/3. This VR comedy adventure game has players overthrowing an evil corporation and saving their farm with a talking chicken as their main companion. You can check out a trailer above and read below for more details:

February 22, 2024 | HypeTrain Digital is excited to announce that their space adventure game Breathedge: Cosmic Cluck is now available on Oculus Quest 2/3. The game is an independent spin-off of Breathedge, a top-rated space survival game with over 12K Very Positive reviews on Steam.

Breathedge: Cosmic Cluck is a sci-fi adventure comedy with a talking Chicken as your main companion. Fill your pockets with junk, build the Universal Survival Tool, blast the monitors off enemy robots, explore abandoned farms, and help Grandfather fight the Evil Corporation. You don’t want to be cut out of the will, do you?

In Breathedge: Cosmic Cluck you’ll be able to:

  • Come back home.
  • Listen to an in-depth commentary on anything from a crazy Chicken.
  • Craft a versatile multitool that makes it so convenient to throw garbage at enemies and pull yourself to asteroids and shipwrecks… you’ve always dreamed of a grappling hook, haven’t you?
  • Explore outer space and collect all the garbage that has been dumped into it by humankind… and an evil, very EVIL corporation.
  • Visit the space farms of an athlete, a hippie, and a criminal mastermind.
  • Fight a boss whose appearance you couldn’t possibly have a clue about… well okay, you could, you just refused to believe it.
  • Save the UNIVERSE… okay, just the farm, but oh man, what a salvation it’ll be!

Join the Man in his space adventure and your virtual reality will become much more real than ever before.

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