Overcooked 2 gets announced and is coming to Switch

Overcooked recently made its way to the Switch and during Nintendo’s E3 presentation Overcooked 2 made its first appearance. The frantic mulitplayer cooking game will be adding a slew of new features from new chef characters, new stages, and finally, online multiplayer. The Switch version will also incorporate local wireless play between Switches, so you can play local multiplayer even if you bring your Switch to friend’s place, for instance.

Overcooked was a hit when it launched in 2016 for its hectic approach to local multiplayer. The sequel seems to be turning up the heat in the kitchen where you can now toss food back and forth which should be helpful with the new recipes you’ll have to learn.

The Switch version will have a special chef character to choose from, but the game will be making its way to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC on August 7.


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