Online multiplayer brawler Fatal Flash begins its Kickstarter campaign

Today, Single “A” Productions, a New York-based indie dev studio comprised of NYU graduates, have started a Kickstarter campaign for their exciting online multiplayer brawler, Fatal Flash.

In Fatal Flash, players choose from a variety of Archtypes with hundreds of customization options. After the game’s initial release, it will receive plenty of free updates over time. The game will also feature hand-drawn steampunk art and two primary modes: Elimination and Core Collection mode.

Elimination is your usual gauntlet of fighting your opponents using your abilities. There will be both a 3v3 team elimination match and a free-for-all mode. Core Collection mode is where two teams gather and deliver the resource Azurium Cores to their base while preventing the other team from accomplishing the same goal.

Fatal Flash’s Kickstarter campaign runs from today, February 27th to March 29th, 2018. Check out the Kickstarter here for more information on this exciting multiplayer brawler.

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