NVIDIA announces 12 more DLSS titles, 500Hz Monitor, fresh new laptops

Computex offers up a lot of shiny new tech, but you can’t do much with those baubles without software. Well, NVIDIA does both, and at their Computex preso they’ve all of those boxes and several more. Let’s dig in.

First up, DLSS was a huge focus for NVIDIA, announced that they’ve just clipped 250 past games that support DLSS with the announcement of 12 additional games to the program. Which ones? Well, lucky you — I have a list, and a little bit about what was added!

    • F1Ⓡ 22 will launch on July 1 with DLSS and ray-traced opaque reflections, ray-traced transparent reflections, ray-traced ambient occlusion, and ray-traced shadows.
    • Icarus will add NVIDIA Reflex support in June delivering lower latency and better responsiveness in game.
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency Coming to Icarus

    • Deep Rock Galactic has been updated with DLSS and NVIDIA DLAA. Enabling NVIDIA DLSS will give gamers up to 60% more performance.
    • Loopmancer will support DLSS and ray-traced reflections when it launches this summer. With DLSS enabled performance jumps by over 2X when maxed out at 4K with ray tracing enabled.
    • Warstride Challenges is available now with DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex. With both enabled, you’ll boost your performance by 2X at 4K, and lower system latency by up to 53%.
    • LEAP will support DLSS when it comes to Early Access on June 1. DLSS delivers a performance upgrade of more than 2X in the game.
    • Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is available now and gets a DLSS performance upgrade of more than 2X, so all GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs hit 60 FPS at 4K with settings maxed out.
    • Raji: An Ancient Epic launches May 24 and will support DLSS along with ray-traced reflections, ray-traced ambient occlusion, ray-traced shadows. NVIDIA DLSS boosts performance by up to 3X at 4K, and more than 2X at other resolutions, enabling you to experience Raji: Ancient Epic in all its glory at over 60 FPS.
    • Turbo Sloths launches this Summer and will support DLSS along with ray-traced reflections, and ray-traced shadows, with DLSS boosting performance by more than 2X.
    • Propnight will upgrade to NVIDIA DLSS on May 24, boosting performance by up to 85% at 4K.
    • Hydroneer is available now with NVIDIA DLSS, and gets a performance boost of up to 50%, enabling every GeForce RTX gamer to play at 4K with max settings at over 60 FPS.
    • My Time At Sandrock will launch on May 26 with NVIDIA Reflex with a 34% reduction in latency.
My Time at Sandrock | Early Access Date Announcement

    • Ghost has a DLSS upgrade available now that will boost performance by up to 70%, enabling every GeForce RTX gamer to experience and enjoy Ghost at its absolute best.
    • Soda Crisis launches with NVIDIA Reflex tonight with a 23% latency improvement.
Soda Crisis New Trailer | Officially on Steam on May 23!

As a player of several of these games, I’m so happy to see the free-frame magic of DLSS coming to them. Ray Tracing for several of them is just an absolutely gorgeous cherry on top.

Beyond DLSS, the NVIDIA team also announced partnerships with MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, Lenovo, and Acer for a bevy of powerful new laptops namely…these:

  • MSI Raider GE67 HX – offering GPUs up to GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
  • ASUS ROG Flow X16 – offering GPUs up to GeForce RTX 3070 Ti
  • Gigabyte Aorus 17X – offering GPUs up to GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
  • ASUS Zenbook and Vivobook lines – offering a wide-range of GeForce RTX Laptop GPUs
  • Acer ConceptD 5 and 5 Pro – offering Laptop GPUs up to GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and RTX A5500.
  • Lenovo Slim 7i Pro X and 7 Pro X – offering GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop GPUs.

Let’s suppose for a moment you’ve already got an ultra-powered PC and you need literally every damned frame shoved directly into your eyeballs at the highest possible refresh rate. Well, NVIDIA didn’t stop to think if they could or should, instead showing off a new pair of Reflex monitors courtesy of a partnership with ASUS — an eye-poppingly fast ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz gaming monitor. Yep, that’s not a typo. Seeing is believing, so…let’s do that:

WORLD’S FASTEST Gaming Monitor – 500Hz Powered by NVIDIA G-SYNC

The team goes into a LOT more detail on each of these tech items, as you can see on the official announcements here, but they weren’t quite done — they are now working with partners to ship Reflex-enabled mice.  The first mouse that will ship with NVIDIA’s latency-busting technology baked into the silicon will come from Cooler Master with the MM310 and MM730.  If you want a quick look at which games (so far!) support Reflex, that’s also gotten an update right here.

That’s a whole lot, and we didn’t even get confirmation of the much-rumored 4000 series video cards yet.  There’s a LOT to look forward to, so stay tuned right here for all the details, news, and reviews.


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