Now this is shoot-em-up! Sky Force Reloaded gets new Switch release trailer

If you’re ready for more bullet hell dodging action, Infinite Dreams has released Sky Force Reloaded on the Nintendo Switch today. The shoot-em-up will feature 15 levels of extreme action with four difficulty settings and even two-player co-op.

Sky Force Reloaded opens for the players 15 stages of the main campaign, each with four difficulty levels, and additional five endless mode stages to compete with friends, unlocked alternatively during the Weekend Tournaments. But that’s not all! Players can pick between a single player mode or the local co-op.

What about the equipment? There are nine aircrafts to unlock, with their own strengths and weaknesses to bear, 30 buff cards, and eight assisting technicians to unlock.

Sky Force Reloaded rewards pilots for their skills, cleverness, and for the honor. Players can get medals for destroying a given number of enemies, not getting hit, or rescuing operatives from the battlefield.

Elisha had a wonderful time with the game, giving it an 80 and highlighting the deep gameplay and enjoyable replay value. Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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