Nintendo Switch update 5.0.0 released, includes the ability to add Facebook friends and Twitter followers

Earlier today, the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app updated giving a mention to a Nintendo Switch ver. 5.0.0 update that had yet to be released. Just moments ago, the update went live and added a few useful features.

One of these additions is the ability to add Facebook friends and Twitter follows through the Friend Suggestions tab. While not as easy as adding via Nintendo ID, it is a welcome, and easier, addition and could hint at more Facebook and Twitter integration down the line. Another addition are a whopping 24 new user icons from both ARMS and the Kirby series.

Digital software purchases made from a PC can now be downloaded while the console is in sleep mode as well. Finally, the previous issue that caused Play Activity to incorrectly display has been fixed. These are most of the major changes to the system, but sadly don’t include any of the robust features fans have been hoping for.

One interesting tidbit is the mention of the Pro Controller grip colors being displayed in the controllers menu. At the moment, the only two options for Pro Controllers are the standard black and the green and pink Splatoon colors. Could more options be on the way?

To see the full change log on this update, visit the official website.

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