New trailer released for retro inspired VR game Pixel Ripped 1978

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming retro inspired VR game Pixel Ripped 1978. The new trailer features an interview with Howard Scott Warshaw, legendary Atari game creator behind classics such as Yars’ Revenge. In Pixel Ripped 1978, players will find themselves traveling between dimensions and hopping into a variety of gameplay styles reminiscent of multiple Atari classics. Pixel Ripped 1978 is set to release this summer on the PSVR2, SteamVR, and Meta Quest 2. You can check out the new trailer and interview above and read below for more details:

Today, Atari and award-winning VR development studio, ARVORE, are pleased to reveal a new teaser for the up romp through the golden age of video games: Pixel Ripped 1978.

Renowned game designer and programmer Howard Scott Warshaw, known for Atari’s most famous (and infamous) games, recounts his time at Atari in the early 80’s and describes the amazing talent of Bug, Pixel Ripped 1978’s peppy protagonist. Did Barbara “Bug” Rivers have something to do with the great video game crash of 1983? Will Howard let the cat out of the bag, once and for all?

Traveling between dimensions and playing games within games; players will experience a first-person, multi-layered adventure full of retro classics, unreleased gems, and undiscovered easter eggs. Bursting with classic arcade charm and boasting innovative mechanics sure to delight VR enthusiasts, Pixel Ripped 1978 calls back to the very genesis of gaming — a rich, colorful history where Atari takes center stage as the company that would ignite a multi-billion dollar industry.

Showcased in the new, vivid and neon-soaked new trailer, Pixel Ripped 1978 blends the magic of decades past with today’s technologically vibrant and diverse gaming landscape, uniquely highlighting the fortitude and growth of the video game industry as we, the players, have grown with it.

Pixel Ripped 1978 launches this summer on SteamVR, PS VR2, and Meta Quest 2. Learn more at the official website.

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