New Overwatch map Eichenwalde revealed

Blizzard recently unveiled the first new map coming to Overwatch since the game’s launch.

Eichenwalde is a hybrid map set in Germany, homeland of the tank character Reinhardt. In the reveal trailer, several out-of-commission Bastion units litter the abandoned castle town. Several banners can be spotted in the trailer sporting insignia which might be related to the Crusaders (the German military group that crafted Reinhardt’s armor).

Judging by the trailer’s progression, the map’s payload — a battering ram with an unmistakable likeness to Reinhardt’s hammer — is pushed through the castle town up to the castle’s gates, where the payload then rams down the doors. This may suggest that a midway capture point must be secured at the gate. Within the castle is the body of an armored soldier, one who looks strikingly like Reinhardt and has been identified by some as Balderich von Alder, the leader of the Crusaders.

Eichenwalde is the site of a most famous battle in the lore of Overwatch, a battle which directly ties with Bastion’s origin story. Last week, Blizzard released a teaser trailer for a Bastion animated short which will be airing August 18.

Overwatch Animated Short | “The Last Bastion” (Teaser)

Eichenwalde will go into circulation this September, along with Overwatch’s second season of competitive play.

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