New Gray Zone Warfare ballistics demo highlights the intricacies of combat design

Making a video game isn’t exactly something just anyone can do in their spare time, at least, nothing with the kind of firepower that Gray Zone Warfare is aiming for. There is a lot of effort that goes into making a shooter like this, and a new ballistics demonstration video shows just how much work MADFINGER is putting into the game. Early access is around the corner, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming dates from the team and make sure to wishlist Gray Zone Warfare on Steam.

Tactical Ballistics Demonstration

At the center of GZW stand complex systems based on real-world physical principles that simulate phenomena like Terminal Ballistics, Temporary Cavities, Ricochet and Recoil. Learn more about the key to the depth of GZW’s Combat which lies in applying accurate realistic parameters to our weapons, gear and ammunition and pitting them against these simulations.

Explore the virtually endless possibilities of our approach to design that goes beyond predetermined cause and effects and instead simulates each situation as it happens

+ Ballistics System: We delve into the intricacies of our ballistics system, taking you through the journey of each shot – from ammunition selection to the impact on obstacles.

+ Terminal Ballistics and Temporary Cavities:  We explore the unique aspects of combat in Gray Zone Warfare by examining the physical simulations. What happens when a bullet hits the target over an obstacle? How differently do FMJs or HPs affect the body?

+ Recoil and Weapon Modifications: We demystify the realism behind our recoil system and weapon modifications. No artificial balancing, just real physics. Gain insight into what happens behind the scenes with each firearm shot and how real-world components influence the weapon’s behavior.

Our design approach goes beyond predetermined cause and effect. We simulate each situation based on authentic data accumulated through years of research, providing players with a nuanced and realistic combat experience.

What’s Next for GZW?

In March, GZW fans can anticipate the exciting debut of our first raw footage reveal to the public. This reveal serves as a glimpse into what lies ahead, bringing us one step closer to the eventual release. Stay tuned for more updates.

Our dedication extends to fostering a strong community and offering transparency in our game’s development. It’s crucial to understand that not every aspect showcased will be accessible during Early Access. The vast world we’re constructing will unfold gradually, promising continuous exploration and excitement as new elements are introduced. Stay tuned for an evolving and engaging gaming experience! :)

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