New gameplay details revealed for Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE

Today, Spike Chunsoft Inc., spoke about new gameplay features and aspects coming to their upcoming mystery adventure. Specifically, we got details regarding episodes, how to gather memories from the protagonists’ interactions, Labyrinth Skills, and more. Check out the blog below before Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE releases on June 30 for the Nintendo Switch:

Episodes and Subquests

Gumshoe Gab
Scattered around Kanai Ward are statues that resemble Shinigami. These statues or “Memory Shards” allow you to view memorable episodes between the protagonist Yuma Kokohead and the other detectives since his arrival in Kanai Ward. From the menu, select “Gumshoe Gab” to view hints about where these Memory Shards are hidden. Use this information to search for them.

Enjoy different stories outside the main story through subquests that help people in need. Throughout Kanai Ward, people will ask for help. Their requests will range from locating a book to searching for a missing child. Some of these requests require simple deductive reasoning.

Labyrinth Skills in the Mystery Labyrinth
As Yuma gains experience as a detective, he will earn Detective Points. After earning a certain number of Detective Points, his Detective Rank will increase and he’ll gain Skill Points, which can be used to learn “Labyrinth Skills”. Detective Points can be earned by fulfilling requests, investigating various objects and places in the city, and listening to the stories of its residents.

As Detective Rank increases, in addition to gaining Skill Points needed to learn Labyrinth Skills, the capacity of “Memory” skill slots also increases. Labyrinth Skills can be equipped in these slots, meaning more Labyrinth Skills can be used as the Detective Rank increases.

The Three Labyrinth Skill Categories

–Evasion – Skills that ease the difficulty of action-oriented gameplay elements, such as slowing down the Mystery Phantom’s statements in a Reasoning Death Match.

–Solution Blade – Skills that ease the difficulty of puzzle elements, like eliminating incorrect answer choices for example.

–Stamina – Increases Yuma’s maximum health, making it less likely the game will end if you make a mistake.

GOD Shinigami
This is an action-packed mystery-solving sequence that occurs at the end of a Mystery Labyrinth. A mega-sized Shinigami pushes forward past obstacles to hunt down the Mystery Phantom that resembles the true culprit. Kick iron balls out of the way, tackle through walls, and jump to avoid spikes.

Locked Room Re-Creation
The locked room where the crime took place is recreated in the Mystery Labyrinth. Deduce the method and means in creating the locked room, and uncover the trick.

Additional Actions for Reasoning Death Matches
New actions to confront the Mystery Phantom in a Reasoning Death Match are added as the story progresses. Reasoning Death Matches become increasingly intense and complex, so be sure to make full use of these actions.

This action can be performed with the Solution Blade against a Mystery Phantom’s blue statement, sending it back at them. By responding in this way, you can draw out more statements and get closer to the heart of the case. If the Phantom says, “It’s clear who the culprit is,” you’re able to dispute the grounds of the claim, even in the absence of evidence.

Use an Assist from Shinigami or an accompanying detective in a Reasoning Death Match to cast a shield around Yuma. This will make him invincible for a fixed period of time. Use Assist carefully, as it cannot be used consecutively.

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