New Borderlands 3 mode “Proving Grounds” announced, Official Guide to the Borderlands trailer released

During the opening night broadcast from Gamescom, Paul Sage, Gearbox Software Creative Director, announced a new game mode called Proving Grounds as well as the return of Circle of Slaughter arenas. You can also check out the Official Guide to the Borderlands trailer released today above.

From the official blog:

Later in the campaign, you may be worthy of taking part in the Proving Grounds: themed gauntlets guarded by an Eridian known as the Overseer who wishes to test your mettle on behalf of the mysterious “Masters.” Proving Grounds are races against the clock, tasking you with blitzing your way through three areas filled with baddies and beating a boss in 30 minutes or less. If you complete your chosen Trial quickly and efficiently you’ll earn better bounties, and for even greater rewards you can complete bonus objectives like beating the Proving Grounds without dying, completing it with a certain amount of time remaining, or managing to find and eliminate an elusive Fallen Guardian who roams the area. The chest that awaits at the end of the Proving Grounds always contains valuable loot, but you’ll need to display true mastery if you want the best rewards.

Borderlands 3 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 13th.

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