Nacon Connect 24 brings the Terminator, GreedFall, and more to their first show of 2024

NACON is doing great things in the gaming space, and today we got to see more of their plans for 2024. NACON Connect 24 unveiled the curtain on several amazing projects, like Greedfall II and Terminator: Survivors, along with a bunch of other great looking games. They also have a fantastic line of accessories to pick up, and we reviewed the NACON Revolution 5 Pro last year. Check out that review here while you peruse all the things shown off during the Connect.

Lesquin, 29 February 2024 – At the latest edition of NACON Connect, NACON presented to gamers worldwide the gaming accessories which have underpinned the brand’s success in recent months, as well a wide selection of games due for release shortly. NACON Connect definitely had something catering for everyone: whether PC or console gamers, those nostalgic for the 80s, fans of Hack’n’Slash or speed demons.

Now a well-established annual event, NACON Connect gives gamers a chance to (re)discover the company’s games and accessories. Three new games were announced yesterday evening: Endurance Motorsport Series and MXGP, projects managed by the KT Racing studio, and Dragonkin: The Banished, developed by the Eko Software studio, already behind the hit Hack’n’Slash game Warhammer Chaosbane, released in 2019.

The eagerly awaited titles GreedFall II and Terminator: Survivors (whose name was revealed for the first time on this occasion) brought the house down at the conference with their exclusive trailers, and the announcement of their release on early access within the next few months. This edition also put a spotlight on the packed calendar over the coming weeks, by unveiling new gameplay images from several titles in the catalogue: Welcome to Paradize which is out today, Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator, available since 22 February, Taxi Life: A Driving Simulator due out on 7 March and finally Crown Wars The Black Prince, a turn-base tactical game set in a mediaeval world ravaged by dark forces, which is scheduled for release on 14 March.

Brought to you by our ambassador Lachlan and his PWR team, our premium gaming accessories range featured in a video produced by the eSport team itself, showing its members training on all NACON’s accessories.


The NACON accessories range is constantly developing and diversifying, to enhance the gamers’ enjoyment. NACON Connect showcased several products from our accessories range available for PlayStation® and Xbox, which have been very enthusiastically received by the gamers, including:

  • The Revolution 5 Pro, developed with the professional gamer Mister Crimson, aimed at PC and PlayStation 5TM gamers seeking performance and innovation for unbeatable gaming sessions.
  • The RIG 600 Pro, the latest headset from RIG, the gaming audio benchmark in the USA and Europe, which provides comfort, reliability and versatility.

Take another look at the trailers: REVOLUTION 5 PRO – Accolades trailer | NACON X @PWR



Endurance Motorsport Series | Announcement Trailer

Developed by our in-house studio, KT Racing, Endurance Motorsport Series is a racing game that brings to life all the thrills and spills of long-distance competitions, in which of course you play as the driver, but which also takes you right into the pits, as you step into the shoes of the race engineers.
Due for release in 2025, this simulation will feature a number of official vehicles and circuits, as well as the know-how of this studio renowned for its work on the WRC series. This title will also offer innovative gameplay where your race strategy and decision-making based on unforeseen occurrences (incidents, weather, etc.) will be just as important as your driving skills.
Take another look at the trailer (PEGI | ESRB USK)  / Check out the game’s Steam page


Dragonkin - The Banished | Announcement Trailer

With its fair share of hard-core Hack’n’Slash fans, the team at NACON’s Eko Software studio is pleased to unveil Dragonkin: The Banished. This title pays tribute to the genre, revealing an original Dark Fantasy world where the character classes are mutant hybrids between dragons and humans. In solo or co-op mode with up to 4, players must track and battle powerful Dragons to free the world from their domination. Dragonkin: The Banished will be available for PS5TM, Xbox Series and Steam in February 2025.
Take another look at the trailer (PEGI | ESRB | USK) / Check out the game’s Steam page


World of Sports - Nacon Connect 2024

The official game of the FIM world motocross championship, MXGP is being developed by KT Racing, a motor sports games specialist, and is due for release in late 2024 on PS5TM, Xbox Series and PC. Players will be able to explore behind the scenes of the world’s most iconic motocross championship, with access to all the discipline’s official content – with the game providing calendar, riders, teams, bikes and sponsors.
Take another look at the teaser trailer (PEGI | ESRB | USK)



GreedFall 2 | The Uprooting

Developed by Spiders, another NACON studio, the narrative RPG GreedFall II announced its release on early access for Steam in summer 2024, with an epic new trailer. After a successful first episode which brought in a community of more than 2 million, GreedFall II gives players the chance to revisit this unique world, and play as a Teer Fradee native snatched from his native island and taken to Gacane, the homeland of the settlers. For more exclusive information, log onto the Spiders Twitch channel at 8PM CET for a live session run by the developers.
Take another look at the trailer (PEGI ESRB | USK) / Check out the game’s Steam page


Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown | The Explorer Trailer

Another creation of the KT Racing studio, the game has just unveiled The Explorer, an all-new video presenting the game’s off-road driving dimension. After The Cruiser, for those who like to take things smoothly, and The Racer, aimed at competitive drivers, this episode illustrates the diversity of Hong Kong island with its untamed areas, ideal for thrill-seeking players. In Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, off-road driving represents a big part of the experience of this MOOR (Massively Open Online Racing) game.
Other aspects of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will be presented in forthcoming videos, showcasing the different ways to make the most of the game and the riches offered by Hong Kong Island.
Get ready for the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown experience in 2024, on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.
Take another look at the trailer (PEGI | ESRB | USK) / Check out the game’s Steam page


Terminator: Survivors | The Aftermath Trailer [ESRB]

Developed by NACON Studio Milan, Terminator: SurvivorsTM is an open-world survival game set in the world of the first iconic two movies owned by Studiocanal of the Terminator franchise, created by James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd in 1984, and owned by Studiocanal. In this original story taking place after the second film, you take control of a group of survivors of Judgment Day, in solo or co-op mode, faced with a multitude of lethal hazards in this post-apocalyptic world. Skynet’s machines will hound you relentlessly, while other humans will be eyeing up the same resources as you…
Marco Ponte, CEO & Creative Director, has shared a number of details on the studio’s most ambitious project to date.
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the franchise this year, Terminator: SurvivorsTM will be released on early access for PC (Steam) on 24 October 2024. It will also be available on consoles at a later date.
Take another look at the Trailer and Dev Update (PEGI | ESRB | USK) / Check out the game’s Steam page



Welcome to ParadiZe | Animated Launch Trailer | ESRB

NACON Connect is also celebrating the release of Welcome to ParadiZe. This title combining action, crafting, RPG and survival, all in a madcap open world, is now available for PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.
Have you always dreamt of having your own pet zombie? What better companion than a zombie to protect you, harvest your plantations and help you fight its wild counterparts? On your own or as part of a team, you must try to survive the apocalypse in the world of ParadiZe!  You will need to become the most skilled and smartest to defend yourself against your enemies while avoiding getting eaten… Especially by Miss Daisy, our very own zombie elephant.
Take another look at the anime trailer (PEGI | ESRB | USK) / Check out the game’s Steam page


Crown Wars | Forge your weapons

The tactical turn-based game Crown Wars: The Black Prince presents a new trailer showcasing the weapons available in the game: 13 types of realistic and upgradeable weapons, with unique skills enabling players to design their own flawless combat strategy. In the midst of the 100 Years War, a series of bloody conflicts between several rival royal families, the player must build up their units to seek out the source of the darkness, and foil a diabolical plot: a shadowy evil organisation sowing chaos throughout the kingdom in its quest for power – the Order.
Take another look at the trailer (PEGI | ESRB | USK) / Try out the game demo for free on Steam


Ravenswatch | Avalon Teaser - Nacon Connect 2024

Ravenswatch, the well-known roguelike playable either in solo or co-op mode in a team of up to 4, is nearing the final stages of its early access phase. Already tried out by more than 400,000 players, this title, whose setting draws inspiration from tales and legends from all over the globe, has announced the forthcoming release of Avalon, the third and final chapter of its adventure, which will be available in April.
Check out the teaser trailer for Avalon (PEGI | ESRB | USK) / Play it now on early access on Steam


Created in 2019, the Life range is regularly enriched with life simulations combining immersion and management. A new trailer broadcast at NACON Connect showcased 4 such games: Chef Life, which has unveiled the new free content Cooking LabGarden Life and Taxi Life, which are arriving on 22 February and 7 March respectively; and finally Ambulance Life, announced during the PC gaming Show, which is scheduled for September 2024.


An integral part of NACON’s DNA, sports games were also represented at this year’s conference. Sports fans had the chance to check out exclusive images from TieBreak: Official Game of the ATP and WTARugby 24 and also Tour de France 2024 and Pro Cycling Manager 2024, both announced at this event. Motorbike fans received confirmation of the release in 2024 of MXGP, the official game of the world Motocross championship. Finally, skateboarding die-hards were able to check out images of the new DLC for Session: Skate Sim, entitled Schoolyard. The playing community 1.5 million strong enjoys ongoing support from the studio, which will continue to improve and enrich the game.
Check out the Sports trailer: PEGI | ESRB | USK

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