Mythroll Armory wants to make tabletop terrain quicker and easier with their latest Kickstarter

After a successful year launching multiple Kickstarters, Mythroll Armory is bringing their latest idea to backers today: Magnetiles:

Inspired by a successful construction toy like, Magnetiles terrain brings ease of use, quick builds, and compact storage to the ever-growing terrain space. These double-sided magnet-edged squares offer an inexpensive alternative to high-end terrain solutions like Dwarven Forge and Hagglethorn Hollow.

Magnetiles come in three shapes (square, rectangle and triangle), with a different print on each side (15 textures in all, with additional mods for doors, windows, and more via a sticker sheet). Stretch goals include additional tile packs with new texture prints for rivers, lakes, and roads.

The Kickstarter just went live, go back Magnetiles now!


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