Move over Tobii! Eyeware Beam turns your iPhone into an eye and head tracker

Swiss company, Eyeware, will showcase the Eyeware Beam at CES 2021, an app that turns your iPhone into an eye tracker, a head tracker, and a webcam. It’s designed to turn the gadget that gamers and streamers already have in their pockets into a “powerful engagement and immersion tool”. Eyeware intends the app to bring a cheaper and equally performant alternative to the current eye and head trackers for gamers and streamers.

Eyeware said the app is useful to:

  • Influencers who want to differentiate themselves while creating reaction videos
  • Gamers who want to improve their gameplay through analytics
  • Simulator gamers who use head movement as an input in the game.


The Eyeware Beam works with both iPhones and iPad with Face ID, and uses proprietary 3D eye and head tracking technology instead of relying on the ARKit. Eyeware said the solution takes advantage of Apple’s TrueDepth camera technology, using the user-facing camera to enable “remote and accurate eye and head tracking functionalities”.

Bastjan Prenaj, co-founder and CBDO of Eyeware, added: “Currently you need to buy extra hardware to enrich your gameplay and your stream with eye tracking and head tracking features. Our goal is to eliminate the entry barrier that streamers and gamers are experiencing today and get them started right away turning the iPhone into an eye tracker with the Eyeware Beam app.

“We’ve added features like head tracking to control your camera naturally in simulator games or the virtual camera, which allows you to use the high-resolution phone camera of your phone in streams and video calls, which we believe gamers, streamers and anyone working from home will enjoy using and which will accelerate the adoption of this enhanced way to interact through and with your PC.”

Although the Eyeware Beam is currently in private beta and the team is preparing for a public release, you can sign up to their waiting list to be among the first to find out when the app goes live.

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