Monoprice unveil their Vintage- themed Studio Mic Preamp

If you’re looking for a new preamp that won’t eat up your budget, Monoprice has released a new preamp retailing at $599 that might be worth looking into. The Stage Right Studio 2-Channel 1073-Style Microphone Preamp is their latest model via As of this writing, units are currently out of stock, but you can click to be notified when a restock happens. To learn more, check out their official release below:

Crafted with discrete components, this preamp offers vintage-style magic, complete with transformer‑balanced inputs and outputs using TWO optimized transformers.  These things capture the essence of classic 1073 modules with warm, punchy, and sweet tones that shaped countless legendary recordings.

It rocks high-quality features: 

–Two independent channels

–Completely discrete component signal paths

–One high-impedance instrument input for sound modules, electric guitars or bass

–Up to 80dB gain, handling even passive ribbon mics with whisper-quiet sound sources

–Versatile XLR and TRS inputs and separate XLR and TRS outputs

Best of all, at just $599, getting that classic 1073 sound won’t break the bank, leaving plenty of budget for mics, cables, and more.

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