Mineko’s Night Market reveals new trailer and a 2019 release date for Nintendo Switch

Calling all crazy cat ladies and gentlemen: Mineko’s Night Market will be launching first on the Nintendo Switch in early 2019. Telling the story of a young girl living on an island at base of Mount Fugu, Mineko’s Night Market is a self-proclaimed game about eating eats, crafting crafts, and catting cats. Sure to fill that Animal Crossing-shaped void on your Switch, this adorable title by indie studio Meowza Games is filled with crating, collecting, questing, and, of course, cats. Lots of cats. Petting cats, growing cats, and racing cats.

There’s a whole lot more to learn, so be sure to check out the trailer above, and be sure to visit the official site, and follow @MinekosMarket on Twitter.

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