Merchants and magic combine, The Golden Sails begins its Kickstarter campaign

Fusing together the wonderful wizarding world called Waard and mischievous merchant mania, The Golden Sails sets player on a course for profit. This game will be playable for up to 4 players and only needs $5,000 to be considered funded.

Playing The Golden Sails is simple. The game is played in 12 rounds. Each round, players buy one of five available Goods types: Gems, Spices, Weapons, Animals, or Spells. Collecting specific sets and combinations of these goods score you more points! At the end of the game, players score victory points for the goods they’ve collected. Each Goods type is scored in a unique way. The winner of the game is the player with the most victory points! There are multiple ways to score like in 7 Wonders.

For reaching $15,000, Foil Expert Cards will be released, while the $20,000 stretch goal offers a Kickstarter exclusive “Limited Edition First Player Ship”

The Golden Sails’ Kickstarter campaign is now live until February 9th, 2019. To learn more about the game or to fund the project, visit the campaign here.

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