Master Monk’s newest lineup to the Armory, The Nomad’s Magnetic Dice Tower, hits Kickstarter

Earlier this week, Master Monk started their Kickstarter for The Nomad’s Magnetic Dice Tower, a solid wood tower designed for easy one-handed random dice rolls. With 37 days to go, Nomad’s Magnetic Dice Towers has already hit its goal of $10,000 with new wood options and inlays unlocked at higher stretch goals.

A revolutionary modular dice system! This magnetic dice tower folds and deploys unlike any other to upgrade your tabletop experience. For use by itself or alongside the entire modular system, the Nomad’s Armory. Handcrafted in the USA, bring convenient heirloom quality woodworking to your game night. With amazing capacity and functionality, the only thing comparable to the masterwork design is our quality craftsmanship with solid wood.

The Nomad’s Armory was released last year following another successful Kickstarter campaign. The Nomad’s Magnetic Dice Tower is designed to work with the Armory by allowing the dice to roll into the tray and an easy deconstruction of the tower into the armory for better storage. The campaign also gives backers options for add-ons such as a design to the dice box or tray, different kinds of wood, dice boxes, and Master Monk Pens.

The Nomad’s Magnetic Dice Tower Kickstarter campaign will be live until May 4th, 2019. For more information or the back the project, visit its Kickstarter page.

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