Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 preview round-up — Sounds like a web of a time

I think I speak for all of us when I say we’d like to play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 now. While that’s not possible yet (the game has yet to go gold), PlayStation and Insomniac invited several press and influencers out to check out upwards of three hours of the game. So far, the word on the street is glowing, and October 20th can’t get here fast enough. Check out the thoughts of some phenomenal humans in the industry below, and the new trailer from yesterday’s State of Play above!

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Digital Deluxe Trailer | PS5 Games

Marcus Stewart, Associate Editor of Game Informer said, “A great sign of any gameplay demo is feeling reluctant to relinquish the controller once it ends, and this feeling certainly arose once my time with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 came to a close. From what I’ve played, Insomniac has added smart, meaningful layers on top of the already exceptional template, positioning it as the ultimate entry in the series. If the full package can live up to this slice, Insomniac has a heck of a sequel on its hands, and I can’t wait to rescue New York one more time as my two favorite arachnid-powered do-gooders. ”

The Great Jake Baldino’s impressions, with thoughts such as, “…it continues what Spider-Man PS4 and Miles Morales figured out, how to tell a really good Spider-Man story, and, …the shoe to game representation is still there.”

I played Spider-Man 2 early

Destin Legarie of IGN quipped, “I had high hopes for Spider-Man 2, and this preview did nothing to stifle my optimism. I cannot wait to see what the rest of Spider-Man 2 has in store.”

Tim Gettys of Kinda Funny Games dropped the knowledge on the latest episode of PS I Love You XOXO, saying things like “There’s a lot to do, everything I did was fun… gonna want to platinum this game… love how next-gen it all feels.”

Spider-Man 2 Hands-On Impressions - PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 185

Tamoor Hussain, Managing Editor of GameSpot said that, “…at this stage, Spider-Man 2 looks to be doing all the right things to build on what made the previous two games some of the best superhero gaming ever. As the follow-up to the critically acclaimed and beloved Marvel’s Spider-Man and its Miles Morales-focused pseudo-sequel, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2–a full numbered sequel–looks to be taking everything developer Insomniac created for those two games and bringing it all together in a new experience that also layers on some new ideas atop the strong foundation.”

Geoff Keighley, Creator of The Game Awards and Summer Game Fest, posted on X, “After playing 3 hours of MARVEL’s Spider-Man 2, my hype has only increased. Insomniac has delivered what may end up as the best superhero video game of all time. The gameplay is so fluid, the combat is super deep and rewarding. Really impressed so far!”

Steve Vegvari answered a bunch of questions on the Console Creatures podcast, along with an interview with Insomniac Games Senior Art Director Jacinda Chew.

Easy Allies brought a cool video preview to the table, stating, “…it’s one of the biggest releases of the year, and they’re very excited.”

Spider-Man 2 Hands-On Preview - A Big Step Up

Liam Croft, Assistant Editor of Push Square thought of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, “The question of whether the developer can make that jump into the space Naughty Dog occupies, with its 10/10 ratings and 90+ Metacritic scores, is always on the tips of tongues. In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it seems to have its answer. What we played was outstanding; it’s an experience primed for the top and an example of the best this industry offers.”

Logan Moore of said, “I never really had doubts about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 being anything less than another high-quality PlayStation exclusive and my brief time with the game has essentially verified as much. Not only is Spider-Man 2 shaping up to be one of the top-selling titles of 2023, but it’s clear that Insomniac has put in a ton of effort to keep it from feeling derivative when compared to previous installments. If Insomniac’s take on the “Black Suit Saga” can end up standing toe-to-toe with what we’ve seen from the storyline in other mediums, then Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could end up easily becoming the best Spider-Man game of all-time.”

These are just a few of the great previews you can find out there, and I’m certain there’s more to come. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 arrives on October 20th exclusively for PlayStation 5. For more Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 news and info, stay tuned to Gaming Trend!


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