Marvel Dice Throne now available in stores

The long anticipated Marvel Dice Throne, along with two 2-hero sets, is now available in store! From The OP Marvel Dice Throne brings beloved Marvel characters the Dice Throne world. Now fans can settle who-would-win arguments with a vicious match of dice throne! All, Marvel Dice Throne characters are compatible with an past or future Dice Throne characters, so get battling!

Based on the smash success Dice Throne, this Marvel Dice Throne 4-Hero Box puts players in the roles of Scarlet Witch, Thor, Loki, and Miles Morales Spider-Man, each with their own set of dice, player board, and unique deck of cards.

Attack your opponents and activate abilities with dice rolls, accumulate combat points, and spend them on action cards that allow for ability upgrades such as Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic and Spider-Man’s Invisibility.

Can’t get enough of the Marvel Dice Throne 4-Hero Box? Add the Captain Marvel and Black Panther 2-Hero Box and the Black Widow and Doctor Strange 2-Hero Box to your game for even more fun! Each hero has their own set of dice, player board, and unique deck of cards to activate abilities and attack opponents.

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