Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Meta Quest 3

It’s a big day over at Meta as Mark Zuckerberg announced the Meta Quest 3. Let’s hear it from the man himself:

“Introducing Meta Quest 3. The first mainstream headset with high-res color mixed reality. 40% thinner and more comfortable. Better displays and resolution. Next gen Qualcomm chipset with 2x the graphics performance. Our most powerful headset yet. Coming this fall.”

The device will start at $499, with undoubtably different storage options adjusting accordingly. This standalone will be backwards compatible with all Quest 2 titles, but will bring with it double the GPU processing power thanks to a new Snapdragon processor under the hood.

One of the things that was shown was full color passthru, which opens the door for better AR titles in the future. They also showcased a new set of controllers. Free from the circular protection cages, these promise improved haptics they are calling “TrueTouch”.

Introducing Meta Quest 3 | Coming This Fall

It’s still early days, with additional details coming at the Meta Connect conference on September 27, but “clearer and sharper visuals” and “higher resolution displays” was followed by some additional details in a proof of concept video. They showcased Beat Saber, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, and Red Matter 2, all of which jumped from 1440×1584 for the Meta Quest 2 jumping to 1800×1980 for Meta Quest 3.

Quest 2 Performance Upgrade Proof of Concept

They also announced a sequel to their smash hit Azura’s Wrath. We’ll get more on that title and a few more as they are revealed in the showcase today, but there were two more announcements as well — a price cut and performance improvement for the rest of the Meta Quest family:

  • Starting June 4, Meta will be lowering the price of Quest 2 to $299.99 USD for the 128GB SKU and $349.99 USD for the 256GB SKU, helping even more people access the magic of all-in-one 6DOF VR and our vast content library.
  • In our next software update Meta is updating the Quest 2 and Quest Pro GPU and CPU. Quest 2 and Pro will see an up-to 26% CPU performance increase with an up-to 19% GPU speed increase for Quest 2 and 11% for Quest Pro, so games and apps can take advantage of increased pixel density without dropping frames. As developers take advantage of these changes, people can expect smoother gameplay, a more responsive UI, and richer content on both headsets.

Lots of exciting content on the horizon — look for more details on the Meta Quest 3 as we run up to its launch later this year.

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