Manga and light novel publisher Yen Press issues statement regarding publishing changes this year

Today, Yen Press issued a statement regarding the delay of solicitations of future products past September due to disruptions regarding COVID-19. The company has stated that while April releases are scheduled to arrive on time, titles originally scheduled to be released May-August will be scattered to the latter portions of the year, with other announcements being delayed for later.

The full statement, penned by Publisher & Managing Director Kurt Hassler, is included below:

Dear readers and bookselling colleagues,

It goes without saying that these are challenging times for everyone. We are all forced to deal with the pandemic crisis in our own ways, and we hope and trust that everyone reading this is enduring with a sense of optimism that we will all come through this together and see brighter days ahead – brighter days that we know are just over the horizon.

Reaching that horizon is the tricky part, of course, and for the health and safety of our coworkers and the security of our collective businesses, we are all tasked with finding solutions to overcome the hurdles set in our path. Like others in our industry, the particular hurdles Yen Press now faces are shelter-from-home orders and widespread disruption throughout our distribution channels and among our retail partners.

First and foremost, I want to take a moment to publicly thank our staff for deftly managing the transition to telecommuting while our offices are temporarily closed. Similarly, I’d like to express our profound appreciation to the freelancers with whom we work — be they translators, letterers, proofreaders, or copyeditors — for continuing to lend their talents to the books we produce. Last, but certainly not least, our heartfelt thanks to all of the creators we have the pleasure of calling Yen authors and whose creative sparks offer us all some relief, particularly in trying times. Our sincerest gratitude.

As Yen Press eyes that aforementioned horizon, it is clear that we cannot proceed as if we are not experiencing unprecedented disruption to our business. We must remain as nimble as possible and respond to changing market conditions. With that in mind, we have evaluated our publishing schedule for the next several months and determined that our best course of action is to forego the solicitation of our September 2020 catalog, which we would normally be finalizing in the next week or so. Instead, we will be taking the books previously solicited for May – August and relisting those titles throughout the May – September period. This will help to reduce the burden on our production and distribution channels as well as our retail partners, all of whom are coping with their own challenges now and in the coming months. At the same time, it will maintain a steady stream of new books flowing into the market and into the hands of our readers at a rate more appropriate to the current circumstances.

Our revised publication schedule will be communicated to our publishing partners via metadata next week as well as posted to our website for interested fans.

Thank you, everyone, for your remarkable endurance — and just a reminder that reading is a great way to escape when the walls seem to be closing in!


Warmest regards,

Kurt Hassler

Publisher & Managing Director

Yen Press

In the meantime, stay tuned for more manga news here on Gaming Trend.

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